paleo diet breakfast

Breakfast the Paleo Way

We all know how important a breakfast is in our daily diet. It literally means to break the fast since we are essentially fasting while we sleep each night. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because it can give you the energy and focus you need to get through the…

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paleo diet explained

The Paleo Diet Explained

Need the paleo diet explained? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard talk of the Paleo diet. This is the diet that is taking the nation by storm. Nearly everyone from celebrities to athletes to stay at home moms have something positive to say about this diet. People who have closely…

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paleo diet for vegetarians

Vegetarians and the Paleo Diet

Following a Paleo lifestyle has proven to benefit the human body. Many refer to it as the optimum diet for the modern world and it only seems to be gaining steam. When we think of the Paleo diet, however, we often envision the cavemen of the paleolithic era from which this diet gets its name.…

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paleo diet controversy

Controversy Over the Paleo Diet

Is there a Paleo Diet controversy? Everybody is talking about the Paleo Diet! Book stores are filled with Paleo Diet Books, celebrities swear by it, Dr. Oz has done several episodes on the diet. There’s no question that the Paleo diet is getting tons of attention. Once anything receives this much public attention there is…

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paleo diet for kids

The Paleo Diet for Kids

One of the biggest hurdles when trying to follow a new diet can be our own families. If your family is not on the diet as well it can be hard to stick with it. Not only does your grocery budget increase, but the separate foods take up twice as much space in the fridge…

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paleo diet lifestyle

Living the Paleo Diet Lifestyle

Knowing everything about the paleo diet will not help you if you do not understand how to implement it into each part of your daily life. Simply eating the recommended paleo foods will not bring you to your goal of living a completely healthy lifestyle. We must learn to drop bad habits and develop new…

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paleo diet workout

Best Workouts for the Paleo Diet

One of the biggest reasons to start the paleo diet is the unbelievable transformation you will see in your body. Of course we all would like to be healthy. And certainly we all want to do what is healthy for our bodies. But for a great many of us feeling more attractive is just as…

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benefits of the paleo diet

What are the Benefits of the Paleo Diet?

Look at before and after photos of people who’ve tried the paleo diet and you will be amazed! Overweight people drop several sizes, weak and flabby people look more fit and toned, and older people even look years younger. These astounding transformations supposedly were the result of a few simple changes in diet. If we’re…

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starting a paleo diet

Starting a Paleo Diet Routine

Starting a Paleo diet routine can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin or how to find the right information. One thing is for certain, if you aren’t convinced that the paleo diet can work for you then it probably won’t. For anything in life to work, let alone a diet, you have…

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