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Best Workouts for the Paleo Diet

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One of the biggest reasons to start the paleo diet is the unbelievable transformation you will see in your body. Of course we all would like to be healthy. And certainly we all want to do what is healthy for our bodies. But for a great many of us feeling more attractive is just as important, if not more important, than feeling good.

Can the paleo diet bring you the desired changes in your body that you are looking for? Definitely, the results speak for themselves and thousands of people have had tremendous success on this diet. But let’s get real, we don’t just want to see the spectacular results of other people, we want to see the results that we can achieve and we want to see them fast!

Want to supercharge your paleo diet results? It’s time to start a paleo diet workout routine. Even the simplest of exercises done consistently can have a huge effect. But how do you know what exercises are right for you? If you’re on a paleo diet for athletes you will want more intense exercise, but any intensity of exercise is good enough just to get started.

No special equipment or excessively hard training is necessary. You don’t need to buy an expensive gym membership or special workout dvds in order to see a change in your body. Don’t forget, the paleo diet lifestyle is all about emulating the life of the hunter-gatherer. To know what workouts you should do, just think of the kind of activities a caveman might have done.

Your exercises don’t need to be difficult, just imagine the muscles our paleolithic ancestors would have been using. For example, they would have needed to hunt their own food. What kinds of movement would this require? Running? Lifting a heavy carcass? Do you suppose that cavemen ran with their prey for miles on end or did they simply sprint out quickly to attack?

Now imagine how you will imitate these actions. To begin with you need cardio, the best kinds of cardio are those with short, but intense periods of movement that get your heart rate going and cause you to sweat. Ultimately you have to do what you are comfortable with and any movement that gets you out of your chair and breathing heavy is good cardio when done consistently. HIIT or high intensity interval training has been found to have the biggest impact on boosting your metabolism with the least amount of time spent. Simply alternate periods of maximum intensity cardio activity with periods of slower activity. Search “tabata workouts” online for some great example workouts.

Next you need to incorporate some muscle-building activity into your routine and lift weights. The more complex a movement the more muscle groups you will work and the better you will mimic the natural movements of a caveman. Compound exercises like pushups, pullups and squats are not only great for building strong muscles, but can be done with minimal equipment.

Many paleo dieters also do crossfit. Crossfit is basically compound exercises and high intensity interval training taken to the max and made into a competition. The competitive aspect and group activity create added accountability where you can see some amazing results. Many crossfit gyms will create workout of the day routines that you will be timed to complete as quickly as possible with proficiency in all the moves. If you decide to join a crossfit gym they will usually require you to take a preparatory session to determine your fitness level and whether you’re ready to handle the extreme workouts. If a crossfit gym doesn’t do this you should look at going somewhere else. You don’t want to injure yourself and be unable to workout at all!

If you create your own paleo diet workout plan just be sure that you select workouts that fit your goals and abilities. Simply begin by thinking about the skills and movement types required by hunter-gatherers and then figure out exercises that would match.

If you are eating a true paleo diet you will have all the right vitamins, nutrients and protein your body requires to get through these exercises with ease.


Tabata Exercise:



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