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eating the paleo diet on a budgetEating paleo on a budget can seem like an impossible task, but if you know the best types and sources of food as well as how to prepare them, the paleo diet on a budget is possible and very affordable. Below is a partial excerpt from our paleo diet pdf.

Save money and eat healthy with these paleo budgeting tips below:

Stock Up:  Buy in bulk, especially when there is a sale.  Purchase meat in large family packs. Divide it up and freeze it.  Vegetables can also be frozen, and items such as olive oil will last for a long period of time if stored properly.

Choose Meat on the Bone:  These cuts of meat are not only cheaper than boneless varieties, they also provide much more flavor, and tend to have a bit more fat.

TIP – Read Paleo on a Budget

Buy Organ Meats:  Organ meats such as liver, heart, and kidneys are very inexpensive and provide an abundance of nutritional value.

Purchase Canned or Whole Fish:  Try to avoid buying farmed fish.  Purchase canned wild salmon, sardines, or tuna.  These items go on sale quite often, so stock up when you see a good deal.  Another helpful tip is to buy whole fish from a local fish market if there is one.  Whole fish are generally cheaper because you will have to prepare them yourself.  Fileting and preparing a fish may take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it is a very cost effective way to stock the freezer.

Shop Local Farmer’s Markets:  It is always a good idea to buy fresh, local produce from your area.  Not only is this food healthier for you, it is generally cheaper because it does not have to be transported a great distance to reach your grocery.

Buy Frozen Fruits and Vegetables:  Frozen produce is always good to have on hand, and it is often on sale.  Since frozen vegetables and fruits are usually flash frozen right after they are picked they will maintain much of their nutritional value.

Grow Your Own Produce:  Keeping a small garden is not difficult. It costs very little and can yield a bumper crop of nutrition.  You will also get the benefit of being outside as nature intended, knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was handled, plus you’ll get some exercise!

Make Dressings Yourself:  This is fairly simple to do, and you can save a ton of money by not buying bottled dressings.  You should really do this anyways for the paleo diet to ensure that no unhealthy additives are included. All you need are vinegars and oils, citrus or other fruit juices and herbs or spices to come up with your own unique dressing.

Fishing and Hunting:  You can’t get more paleolithic than hunting or fishing for your own food.  There is no better way to know for sure where your food came from, how it was processed, and that it all natural.  The added benefit of spending time outside and getting exercise will make your health and fitness goals that much easier.

The paleo diet on a budget is possible. For even more tips on how to save time and money check out the excellent course from Robb Wolf, Paleo on a Budget.

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