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Living the Paleo Diet Lifestyle

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Knowing everything about the paleo diet will not help you if you do not understand how to implement it into each part of your daily life. Simply eating the recommended paleo foods will not bring you to your goal of living a completely healthy lifestyle. We must learn to drop bad habits and develop new healthy habits that fit with the lifestyles of our early paleo ancestors.

Cavemen were very active in their daily routines. After all, they were responsible for their own food, shelter, water and defense against predators or rival clans. They also tended to be nomads in order to stay close to the migrating animals they hunted and to find new foraging grounds. To survive, a caveman had to move or be ready to move all the time. And of course they didn’t have cars or bikes to get around on. They didn’t even use horses. A cave man moved around a great deal all on foot. This continuous activity kept the caveman sharp and filled with energy. In modern times we’ve become beholden to transportation, elevators and more that we too often use to avoid more physical ways of getting around.

Just simple walking can exercise your joins and muscles and increase your level of fitness. Walking consistently each day can bring you a tremendous benefit. Cavemen didn’t have bicycles, but they also didn’t have the need to go such great distances in short spans of time as we do for work and other activities. Try riding your bike to work, or if you are close enough, just walk. Take the stairs whenever possible. Walk or ride a bike anytime you go somewhere. All this will add up over time and keep you much more fit and healthy.

Cavemen thrived on the meat from wild animals. Think of the exercise you could get from being outside and actually hunting your own food. This may not be something you can easily do, but a good exercise session should never be skipped. Check out this post on paleo diet workouts.

In addition to exercise and walking you should consider ways to simplify your life and remove some of the stresses and distractions that the modern world creates. Live more eco friendly and make sure that all of the products you buy are as natural as possible. Chemicals that you use in your home can come in contact with your skin or disperse through the air you breath and impact your health as well. Sunlight is important, but tanning is often the result of too much UV light which can be harmful to your skin and body.

Paying more attention to the world around you and learning the ingredients of various products or the byproducts and pollutants of various modern machinery can help you make better decisions to avoid harmful impacts to your health and the health of those you love. Eat better, live better and feel better!

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