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paleolithic diet meal plansLooking for paleolithic diet meal plans? You can find an excellent 8 week plan here or read on to learn more about crafting one yourself. The Paleo diet consists of food that our cavemen ancestors ate over 10,000 years ago. With so many reported benefits, this diet is getting more and more attention from the growing number of health conscious people today.

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A Paleo diet meal plan truly has the ability to help us lead healthier lives. Since it includes only natural foods and is free from grain and dairy products, the paleo diet provides a rich and balanced mix of essential nutrients while eliminating harmful ingredients that the body has difficulty processing.

Once you decide to begin a Paleo diet menu plan, it is important to plan and prepare your meals the right way. First you need to understand what is allowed and what is not. Since paleo is a reference to humans from the Paleolithic era, it should be clear that they did not know farming or animal rearing. Apart from dairy and grains, our ancestors had only what was naturally available around them. This included meat and fish they hunted on their own as well as vegetables, fruits, nuts and a variety of berries that they could gather.

Artificial flavoring and sugar are strictly not allowed on paleolithic diet meal plans. Though salt is also prohibited, you might substitute sea salt and use it in small amounts until you get accustomed to not using it at all. You can be very creative with your daily meals and combine a mix of different meats and veggies.

Paleo meals do not have to be consumed raw. They just need to be cooked such that they do not end up losing their nutrients or tasty flavors. By using combinations of whole paleo foods, healthy seasonings and the proper cooking techniques, Paleo meals can be made healthy and delicious. Learn to cook and experiment with a variety of tasty recipes!

Choose the Best Paleo Foods

Selecting the right foods is essential for your success with any paleolithic diet meal plan. If you are not eating meals that are high in protein and full of whole foods then you will never see the full benefits of eating Paleo. Since this diet is dependent on you “eating like a caveman,” you ideally need to fix meals that come in their most natural form.

For example, instead of eating an egg sandwich in the morning, you should just eat the egg with a side of bacon and some green vegetables and maybe some fruit. Instead of a steak and cheese sub you should just have the steak with a side of vegetables. When you create a paleo diet meal plan, you must eliminate the processed foods, sugars, grains, and most dairy products. These foods are not in their natural form, and they will not be able to give you the complete nutrition that your body needs to stay strong and healthy.

This doesn’t have to mean that you will not be satisfied when you eat Paleo diet foods. The Paleo diet calls for higher protein consumption and this is a crucial reason why so many people experience great success when eating Paleo diet foods. Protein not only makes you feel more full, it also helps your body build more muscle and burn off excess fat. Once you eat enough protein you should rarely feel hungry and your body will continuously break down old fat cells.

This is why grass fed beef and other natural lean meat is essential to the Paleo diet. Animals that eat what nature intended, such as grass fed beef, achieve their optimum health with the diet they evolved to eat. A healthy animal produces healthy nutrient-rich meat which in turn is what you have evolved to eat. Eat healthy and give yourself no excuses! Click here for the recipes that I use to prepare my paleo meals.

Organic fruits and vegetables are also essential Paleo diet foods. Not only are organic fruits and vegetables packed with nutrients, but they contain rich flavors. Many of us tend to separate our fruits and vegetables from our main course and eat as little as possible only as a side dish. The paleo diet changes this and ensures that lots of fresh healthy fruits and vegetables are an important element of the main course for every meal.

Nuts and seeds are great for any paleo diet menu plan. A difficult thing about sticking to any diet is getting through the workday or taking long trips without snacking on sugary processed foods. Rather than lose the positive progress you’ve made you should carry nuts, seeds and even some dried fruits with you for a healthy snack alternative to the junk food that might otherwise tempt you.

Not only are nuts and seeds easy to pack, but they can be stored at room temperature and last for a long time.

Complete Paleo Diet Meal Planning

After learning the foundations of the Paleo diet it is time to discuss meal planning. After creating your paleo diet shopping list and convincing your family to join you it is now time to plan out your daily paleo meal schedule.

With our busy modern lives and hectic schedules keeping with a strict diet can be difficult. To stay on top of your paleo diet goals we recommend that you plan your meals a day or two at a time for simplification. Each night before going to bed simply be sure that the meals you are having the next day or so have been planned out and that you have the supplies needed to cook them.

Gather recipes from paleo diet books or even from regular cookbooks making sure that the recipes conform to the criteria of the paleo diet. Experimentation with different combinations of paleo approved foods and tweaking existing recipes will help you to stick with the plan and ensure that your hunger and taste buds are always satisfied.

To get the most from the Paleo diet you shouldn’t neglect to exercise. In building a good paleolithic diet meal plan you should take your exercise times into consideration. It’s good to have some energy boosting paleo snack foods before beginning exercise to give you plenty of energy. Then eat a big protein rich meal following the exercise. This way your muscles will be inundated with the right nutrients and proteins needed for cell growth and repair immediately following the workout when cell absorption is at its peak. Smaller portioned meals eaten throughout the day can also help you to lose weight faster and keep you with a continuous supply of energy. Make paleo diet meal plans that fit you and that bring you closer to the paleo lifestyle of healthy living. If you would like a pre-made diet plan you can use, check out the Paleo Recipe Book which includes a bonus 8 week meal plan with over 370 recipes!


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