starting a paleo diet

Starting a Paleo Diet Routine

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Starting a Paleo diet routine can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin or how to find the right information. One thing is for certain, if you aren’t convinced that the paleo diet can work for you then it probably won’t. For anything in life to work, let alone a diet, you have to be willing to put in the effort to follow through. Half of the battle is overcoming your own skepticism and discovering that not only has it worked for others, but it can work for you too.

The paleo diet is named for the paleolithic age of human history, before agriculture, in which our ancestors were primarily hunter-gatherer societies.  If you look at the kinds of foods we know that cavemen were able to hunt and gather you realize that these were all natural whole foods such as fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables as well as lean meats and seafood without any grains, legumes or dairy products. A caveman’s diet was rich in proteins, low in carbohydrates and very rich in essential nutrients. While cavemen may not have lived as long due to a hostile environment and lack of modern healthcare it is believed they were much healthier than most people today. They had to be extremely healthy just to be able to run and jump and fight to survive attack or catch their food. A fat caveman  would have been a dead caveman.

To maximize your chances for success on this diet, you need to comprehend its full implications for your body and how it works to improve your health. For starters the paleo diet has the optimal combination of high nutritional value while being free from unnatural preservatives, concentrated sugars, artificial ingredients and unhealthy oils. It is among the more powerful and effective fat burning diets you could try. Secondly, the paleo diet is just a great way to be healthy and fight many common ailments that people have today. Since you will be eating natural whole foods rich with nutrients you will feel much more energetic and your body’s natural functions will repair cell damage and lead to more effective self-healing. An active lifestyle fits perfectly with this diet. You may even notice your skin becoming softer, smoother as a result. Just as the caveman was strong and fit as was necessary for survival, the paleo diet can help you reach a similar peak level of fitness for yourself.

After you realize the benefits of following a true paleo diet in your own life you should dig a little deeper and discover all the aspects of how to properly follow the diet. Create your own list of good paleo foods that you should eat, while also listing which foods you will need to avoid. Most food in a wrapper is going to be processed food, which you should completely remove from your home. Anything that is artificially flavored, colored, or sweetened should be viewed like the poison it is. Leave no temptations! Throw that artery clogging, diabetes causing garbage away! Vegetables as well as fruits and nuts in moderation will be part of your daily diet now. If you feel the urge to snack, better make it those rather than a bag of chips. Lean naturally raised meat will provide you with the essential protein and amino acids for cellular repair and muscle-building that will help you to grow strong and burn fat.

Keep in mind that there are levels of commitment to the paleo diet. The more natural the food you eat the healthier it is for you. Food eaten in its rawest (safe) form will provide you with the most nutrition, anti-oxidants and any other natural benefits it contains. Keep cooking to a minimum and if you do cook, find ways to ensure that you keep as much of the nutrients in the meal as possible. Once you find some paleo meals that you enjoy and you’ve learned how to prepare them things will become much easier for you.

Just like many animals have evolved to eat certain foods, so have humans. Why wouldn’t we? The paleo diet brings us much closer to the natural foods our body was designed to eat. There is very little risk in following the paleo diet. You stand to gain tremendous improvements to your health by removing all junk food and eating greater quantities of nutrient rich whole foods. Take charge of your health and eat for your life!


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